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. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> john: wayne lapierre testifies before congress that making mentally unstable people submit to background checks before they can buy guns won't save lives because when it cops to lowering the bar this man has raised the bar. israel has and syria continues to massacre its own people. and egypt replaces the guy who replaced the guy from to years ago and this is why we have to bomb iran. gym nabors is gay as he happily marries his long-time partner. no surprise, no surprise, no surprise. today is the bird of president roosevelt gene hackman and dick cheney. and 43 years ago the beatles gave their last performance. which is too bad. if they had lip-synced they might have been invited to do the super bowl. this is "viewpoint." [ ♪ music ♪ ] whether or not good evening, i'm john fugelsang. thank you so much for joining us. coming up, chaos in the middle east and a mysterious israeli airstrike. the hits one mom is taking for daring to write her kids without god. and gomer pyle is now gomer pyle lgbt. but first gun laws are being discussed behind closed doors in the senat
. you going to bet on the game? watch out your government may watch out your government may >> john: your poker game may be illegal, but government likes to ban things like ticket scalping. >> we've got to get resellers out of the process soit some people want to ban mixed martial arts. school cheerleading is more dangerous than mma. >> john: how is the ban on performance-enhancing drugs working out? with so much money in sports, should college stars be paid? >> no. no. >> definitely not. >> john: let's ask a team owner. what if government ran sports? >> no team would be good. big sports, big business, that's our show tonight. and now, john stossel. >> john: sun zillions of with yoyouwill make a belt on the sur bowl. if you're a baltimore fan, your team is expected to lose. how can you make a bet that's fair to you? by taking the point spreads which at the moment is about three and a half points. that means san francisco could win and you could still win your bet on baltimore. this makes betting more interesting and makes watching the gamewi more fun. fine. except where does that po
. identical, not even close. watch their mannerisms. john is smiling, relaxed. jim is chewing nails. >> it will be a normal friday practice. >> i concur. >> would you hire your brother? >> yes, definitely. i would work for him come ashore. >> i concur. >> philosophical commonalities? i would be hard pressed to spell it philosophical right now. >> i know he could not spell commonality. >> one brother will suffer a painful loss, there will be no hard feelings from the winner or the loser. >> the possibility to take away a dream of his to fulfill your own. is that hard at all? >> no. not at all. >> the band of brothers will be the brothers on the sideline. that will be the band of brothers and this competition. >> the patriarch has earned so much credit for -- for molding his boys into world class coaches. but did not forget their mom. >> can you take one or two things that you have learned from your mother that you applied in your coaching career? >> [laughter] >> she made it very clear that we were to have each other's back no matter what. >> interesting to talk to john harbaugh. wha
will take you to new orleans with john gonzalez. atood morning washington" 5:00 a.m. begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it is wednesday, january 30. i am scott thuman. >> i am cynne simpson. glad you're starting your day with us. get to meteorologist newsi jeras with some good department.er only if you like warm weather. you arsenal lover, we might before the week is out. bit of a little everything this morning. starting very mild. glover, we a snow see a little before the week is out. it's 45 degrees this morning in martinsburg and frederick. changes ahead. by this time tomorrow, temperatures dropping with a front approaching. that will bring storms this evening. a few of those could be strong. we will see more clouds than anything else. today.aks of sunshine high temperatures today will be yesterday, 69. theirs has been a crash. we will go back to the newsroom. -- there has been a crash. the breaking news. is a mess. the east side of the beltway, huge problems. brianne carter is on the scene, on the outer loop of
is the knee. >> john mccarthy. >> joe: what is the right answer there? >> the answer is, yes. >> joe: there is a big difference. >> good? doing all right? >> tell me when you are -- i want you to get feeling good. >> joe: one more time, folks. a clean illegal shot. the hands down. a blatant violation here. i don't think that he realized it. i mean i don't want to speak for him. i don't want to think that he realized it but e should have been aware. >> ready? fight. >> mike: the battle continues. >> joe: he apologized. >> but the damage is done. that is a shot. >> mike: a great point. we have seen that before, joe. >> joe: yes. >> mike: and jorge rivera is a great example. some of the damage is done already. now, dodson seems more fired up. shot to th body. >> joe: would i would like dodson to continue to attack the legs the way he was doing earlier. he has to slow down some of the movement and there is only one way to do that. because demetrious is not going to get tired. >> mike: slow down the movement. do some damage. total strikes in the fight. the champion with over 100. to the c
she disappeared. and >> the county council called an emergency meeting after john leopold was found guilty of misconduct in office. center in outside the annapolis with the details. legal fightold's continues, this time with the county council trying to dismiss the executive from office for good after he was found guilty on misconduct charges yesterday, but not so fast says the county attorney. >> motion carries. >> late this afternoon the county council introduced a resolution that if approved by a supermajority vote would vacate office of county executive, which would force him out of office and began the process of appointing his replacement. moments at the resolution was introduced, the it county -- the county attorney told reporters that the council resolution is illegal because of his interpretation of the word conviction and whether or not being convicted in maryland begins at the finding of guilt or sentencing. >> they have no power. they have no authority to remove the county executive or any other official convicted of a crime until the crime -- until the conviction is a m
unlikely for good. >> the fall off for a anne arundel county executive john leopold takes a new term. george joins us live from the news room. the judge to not miss any work today, telling john leopold what he thought of his actions. >> the judge called his conduct simply outrageous, agreed just and while they beyond any authority he possessed by virtue of his office. there are plans to kick him out for good. john leopold did not have much to say shortly after a judge convicted him on two counts of misconduct in office charges. >> it is been our position from the outset that contract complaints represented in court judgment as opposed to a criminal conduct. >> he was acquitted of another misconduct charge and a fraud charge i couldn't put him in jail. the judge called his actions of wages and reaches. john leopold was convicted for using his taxpayer funded protective detail for reelection campaign duties and forcing county employees to do personal choice, namely making them empty his urine from a catheter bag he had after it back surgery. >> when you seek an indictment, obvious
, and john layfield and susan fox. the white house and democratic leaders still pushing tax hikes. should they be? >> absolutely not, brenda. what i don't understand is how you can propose tax hikes without looking at what the scholars say, the studies say. look, if there was studies out there says raising taxes, great for the economy, i'd get behind it. but you know what, brenda? every single scholarly study for the past 15 years has said one thing: higher taxes, negatively impact growth. it's funny, forget all that, though. if you just look anecdotally, when the left wants to inhibit behavior, whether it's energy consumption or cigarette smoking or any one of the other things they have, what's the very first thing they do? they raise taxes! yet they say in this case, raising taxes is not going to affect economy. >> okay. gary, scholar is something we don't hear often on "bulls & bears." straight to susan. >> we need to put some of the recent numbers in context. yes, the percentage ticked up a little bit. but corporate earnings have been strong. the consumer confidence number that was o
nniman, johns hopkkns univerrity: 3.00 "in mann instancee, he numberr are absolutely meaninglees and areejust usedd po mmke ome stupii pointt""-ppintt"hoo a hopkins matheeatiiian is tryinn to super bowl.and what he ffuun ut. &pout.a roller coaster ide forr the weather this week.when &ptemperatures willlpeek nnaa 60 expected by the wwekend in my and drama aa the trial f thee man accused of killing phylicia barnes.what er half-sister said about aasex video shownnin court. -3& ,3 heelo i'm jennifer gilbert. and 'm jeff barnd. 3 breakinn news... in... 3& wheee a man... has been shot by police...//. wws... a... large crime sceee.../ parived at the scene... aboutt.. 7---oclock ooight.. / pollce... - saa... officers... near... edmondson and 3 the mn... did not coooerate... and umped pnto his caa inntead. p "suspecc put the vehicll in & drive aad orve towarr poolce....police pulled pervvce weapons fired muliple rounds... longwood....police with him"&phim"police say the suspect is &pin erioos c
immigration reform than in supporting it. >> reporter: arizona senator john mccain says republicans who have killed reform before are rethinking. >> times have changed. americans have changed. elections have changed. you look at the demographics of this country, and the rising hispanic population, we're notgoing to win races. >> reporter: half the senators announcing monday's plan are republicans granting illegal immigrants temporary status to stay here if they pass a criminal background check, pay a fine, pay taxes and learn english. none of this before border security is improved. prince george's county resident brought here by her parents when she was 10. >> my mother's undocumented. my brother and i are undocumented but are currently waiting on our work permits. but that doesn't say that we can stay here. at any moment we can be deported and leave a 10-year- old sister behind. >> reporter: helpsavemaryland.org is against that path. >> we think it's a bad thing. we think it's rewarding activities that are effectively criminal. they're deportable defendants. you're letting all these people
mathhmatician... to find out -3 if anyythhm matter. matter. 3 daniel q naiman, johns hopkins univvrsity:"whoowins a -3 football game, the numbers are almmsttmeaningless."oh, well, i guesssthht ssttles it.johns hopkins univeesity math -3 department chair daniel naiman is a big raaens ffn.daniel & naiman, johns hopkins universitt:"i'm juut reaaly & pntt the team--love atching the team."for fun, he rannthe numbers last week on conference upremacyydaniel q naiman, johnn hopkins universityy:lauggter) "well,,i -3 want the ravens to wii the & super bool, but..."turrs 3 for baltimooe.daniel q naiman, -3 johns hopkins university:"this year, the nfc dominatee the afc by an averagg of 5.55 3 other in the regular season." when that happpns, historically,,the n---c, representee ttis year by saa &pfrancisco, wwns the suppr bowl 70 percent of the time..aniee -& q naiman, johns hookins universiiy:"it's not what we would call, in statiiticall parrance, significant for las vegas sports books to label tte ravenssa hree and a half point undeedog.common grounddfor these raae
found anne arundel county executive john leopold guilty. tonight there's already movement to get him out of office. cheryl conner is in pape pea. she joins us with the latest. any word from john leopold tonight? >> reporter: we just saw john leopold leave the courthouse with his attorneys. leopold would not respond to reporters' questions. judge dennis sweeney delivered his final ruling. >>> leopold was found not guilty on another count of misconduct and not guilty of fraud. that was the charge that carried prison time. now we list and to closing arguments. they lasted for four hours this morning. the defense delivered theirs. not and the judge sided with the prosecutor, which referred to leopold requiring county employees to change his urine bag. he also said was against the law to have them work on his campaign but on the issue of having sex in a parking -- that is what we heard so much since march, the judge called it offensive but did not find guilt sense the officer's job was to drive leopold. what's next? we brought in the council. i understand that an emergency meeting has been pl
of the baltimore ravens and the san francisco 49ers are brothers. jim and john harbaugh, ultracompetitive, even ruthless. how will they face off against each other on football's biggest stage? what about their parents? will they take a side? brian todd has the report. >> reporter: they have tried to downplay the family angle. but it's virtually impossible. >> you never put your family aside, joe, you know, but, well, yeah, priorities -- we have a job to do. all of us have a job to do. all of his coaches, our coaches, players, everybody focused on doing a job. >> john harbaugh talking about the fact that he and jim are the first brothers to ever become coaches against each other in a super bowl. inundated with the story, sick of it already, the family still managed to have some fun when john snuck on a conference call his parents having with reporters in recent days, posting as a caller from baltimore. >> is it true that both of you like jim better than john? >> i do not -- >> john, how are you? >> is that john harbaugh? >> that was me, john. >> hey, john -- mom was ready to come right through t
o'malley. >> up next after being found guilty of misconduct in office john leopold resigns. >> prosecutors rest their case, why the judge was close to dismissing the case. super bowl xlvii a family affair, the har bra broth harba brothers. >> welcome. we begin with the super bowl weekend forecast with john collins. >> we have had trillionly interesting weather over the past three-days but we are celting in now to a winter pattern none of this 70 degrees or thunderstorms or anything else like that. just plain old cold and every now and again a little bit of snow. nothing serious. we hope we don't have anything. yesterday was totally snarled up. we only had an inch or so of snow around the area at most. we have another little snow maker coming our way. it's another one of those clippers that promises to produce a little more snow and put little in capital letters. it won't amount to very much. over the weekend we won't deal with rush hour so perhaps this won't have the impact it did on the city. nearest is kentucky and ohio. most of the day will be just fine if you bundle up.
of john leopold. the judge is expected to set a sentencing date today. >> the council is taking steps to have leopold forced from office. >> the council gathered yesterday to begin the process of removing leopold from office. he was convicted on two counts of misconduct. the council resolution that would oust leopold passed easily yesterday. the county attorney says removing him so soon may be illegal. his opinion centers around the word "conviction.' >> they have no authority to remove any official convicted of a crime until the conviction is a matter of record, until the conviction is final. maryland law is very clear. the conviction becomes a matter of record at the time of sentencing. >> the judge is expected to set the sentencing date. his conviction and never become final. sarah sampson, wbal-tv 11 news. >> testimony resumes in the murder trial for michael johnson. he is accused of killing phylicia barnes. an inmate said johnson confessed to killing her. a coroner admitted her decision was made by default because there was no other obvious explanation. >> the governor delivered
. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> 5:01. john has some snow in the forecast. >> wednesday was like summer. we are back to when the time. a lot of their readings are freezing point.ings ar we have a few flurries. we expect some light snow shower activity this morning. then the wind picks up and the sun comes back. now we want to check on the traffic. >> we have some areas of flooding left over for that rain, especially to the south. anne arundel county, there's a closure for some flooding. route 648 at nursery road, an area to avoid. looking good on the outer loop of the beltway. 22 minutes on 95 south down between the 95 betw's. things are looking good at harford road. this is the harrisburg expressway and things are looking good. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> welcome to the biggest purple friday of the year. rallies are planned just about everywhere today. >> sarah sampson is live at the inner harbor to kick things off this morning. we begin with jennifer franciotti live in new orleans. >> good morning. the ravens fans are coming in droves. everybody is happy
injured. more is under way in the misconduct trial of john leopold. his lawyer arrested monday after calling on one of his doctors and a county personnel director. following their testimony, the judge -- the defense asked the judge to drop the case, citing allegations that these actions did not constitute crimes. the judge threw out the request. on monday, jurors heard from christina barnes, phylicia barnes older sister, and the ex- girlfriend of johnson. she testified that she said johnson made a pass at kalisha. she also found things missing from her apartment at about the same time that phylicia disappeared. >> temperatures have warmed up more than expected. it is the first time we've been above 50 in eight days. currently at 58 at the airport. 57 downtown. still in the upper 40's into the suburbs. 60 degrees at the airport this afternoon. everyone else will be in the mid 50's. most cloudy through the evening hours. a sprinkle possible tonight. better rain chances going through tomorrow afternoon. a cold front comes to the area and temperatures will be changing. >> still ahead, fr
which ends in december 2014. they include councilmembers and legislators. john hammond, the acting county executive right now, has said he is not interested in keeping the job. by from annapolis, david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> prosecutors rested their case today against michael johnson, the man accused of killing north carolina a teenager for leisure barnes. they heard a taped phone call between johnson and a female friend. he can be heard talking about the case and laughing. they hope will prove to be incriminating, but they called the conversation irrelevant. also taking the stand, a neighbor who saw he -- who said he saw johnson wrecking hard to remove abn from where he was -- a bin where he was staying. it is a family affair in new orleans, as john harbaugh and jim go head-to-head in super bowl xlvii. >> is that down for a joint press conference to talk about the day. mindy basara and was of the ravens, gerry sandusky, are there. how did it go today? >> it went spectacularly well and it sets the tone for a unique super bowl. usually on super bowl friday, they have separate
bowl security from former fbi insider john miller. >>> breaking news. a suicide bomber targets the u.s. embassy in turkey. >>> beyonce answers her critics with a song. >>> plus eli manning and the parents of both super bowl coaches here in super bowl park. >>> but we begin this morning opener," your world in 90 seconds. >>> it's a big effort to make sure the game is as safe as it can be. >> new orleans goes into lockdown ahead of super bowl xlvii. >>> new orleans has added more agents and 200 troopers and coast guard ships will be on the lower mississippi river. >> can i get in there with a gun? >> no. >> can i get in there with a bomb? >> no. >> the plane made an emergency landing in portland. >> he is sitting in the seat and he's very aware. last i heard he was on oxygen. >>> in alabama, the hostage standoff is entering its fourth day. the gunman and the 5-year-old boy he kidnapped remain in an underground bunker. >> why this shooter won't release this young boy is hard for me to understand. >>> new york has lost an icon, three-term mayor ed koch from 1978 until 1989. >>> i did not
on traffic pulse 11. >> john leopold is suspended following a split verdict in his misconduct trial. >> he could still lose his job altogether. sarah sampson has details. >> the judge called leopold's conduct outrageous and beyond any authority he possessed. leopold was found bill -- guilty on two counts. he forced county employees to do personal chores like making them and be his year-eurine. he was acquitted of a fraud charge that could've put him in jail. >> the conduct represented poor judgment. >> whenever you seek an indictment, you are seeking an indictment on all counts. it was a difficult case. >> right now leopold is suspended. the county plans to introduce a measure to remove him from office permalloy. john hammond is the acting county executive. sarah sampson, wbal-tv 11 news. >> testimony continues to the michael johnson murder trial. jurors heard the statement johnson gave to police. he said he last saw her sleeping on a sofa. he is accused of murdering phylicia barnes. back to the practice field for the ravens and 49ers. >> the sights and sounds range from the serious to the
and outer loops are looking good. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> john leopold is suspended from his job as executive. >> he was convicted on two of the four misconduct charges he was facing. sarah sampson has more. >> the judge called leopold's conduct outrageous and beyond any authority he possessed. he was convicted for using his detail for reelection campaign duties. leopold was found guilty on two counts. he forced county employees to do personal chores like making them empty his urine after back surgery. he was acquitted of a fraud charge that could've put him in jail. >> the conduct represented poor judgment. >> whenever you seek an indictment, you are seeking an indictment on all counts. -- a conviction on all counts. it was a difficult case. >> right now leopold is suspended. but later today, the county plans to introduce a measure to remove him from office permanently. john hammond is the acting county executive. sarah sampson, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you. a mother is accused of murdering her baby girl. medics responded to a home in joppa on tuesday for a report of a
. a sea of purple in the big easy. eads -- beads,ut ere. we will go soon to john gonzales with live coverage. ♪ >> this might be a first for katie couric. the football with got the autotune treatment. "good morning washington" begins right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. captioned by thenational captioning institute-- www.ncicap.org-- adam caskey to talk about the weather. quite a bit of fog that there. patchy fog this morning. little sprinkle to talk about just east of fort royal. it is hitting the ground and it is 42 degrees. side of your screen we have a little sprinkle traveling to the southeast. aperture wise, a wide range. 40 in clarksburg. look down south, 55 in washington. 56 in fredericksburg. about 53 the high in the metro area. parts of the shenandoah valley make it into the mid 60's in the afternoon. you mentioned that foggy todition, it is so important .atch for pedestrians pedestrians, watch for the cars. a tough timee seeing each other. that is very important. and vehicle's looking out for one another. . currently lanes are o
helps their case. >> the defense rests in the john leopold trial. when a verdict could be reached in the case. >> the ravens could be world champs at this time next week. >>> first, we were slipping and sliding. will tomorrow's commute be any better. let's take a lack at maryland's most accurate forecast. >> how about a different set of headaches. we'll have a somewhat challenging commute due to fog and not winter weather. right now we see a few light scattered showers. lower eastern shore reaching across from calvert county. here we go, clouds held tough. we were in for another gray dreary day. temperatures at the moment across central maryland just above freezing, which is good. upper 30s to mid-30s. as a result we're not worried about icy conditions, not to say if untreated spots stayed icy in corner areas you could have snow or ice sitting there but that will continue to melt. tonight i don't think we get down below freezing. milder air trying to get. it will be a chilly start but much mild ore -- milder. >>> the defense rested in the john leopold trial. we could get a verdict
conference in orleans with super bowl coaches jim and john harbaugh. the two brothers will talk about their sibling rivalry and the lead up to the game. we will bring you the news conference live. >> first the super bowl now just two day away the anticipation is definitely building and now the "good morning america" team is joining in on the phone. >> katie marzullo is live in new orleans to tell us more. >> good morning. consider this: new orleans is a party. the super bowl is a party. "good morning america" is a party and you put them together and you have the tailgate party of gma. they are breaking down the set they have set up in the french quarter but it was so much fund -- fun. fans were lined up, waiting to most sam and josh this morning before the sun even came up. the guys throwing the football around, shaking hands, chatting people up and having a good time. when i talked to them i asked who they are rooting positive and you will like the answer. >> they are asking me who i am rooting for which is like picking the game but i don't --. >> you can root? >> you can root. >> i
the historic press conference. john, smiling and relaxed. jim, nervously chewing his nails. >> a normal friday practice. we will move on from there. it's your turn. >> i concur. >> would you hire your brother? >> yes, definitely. i would work for him, sure. >> i concur. what's less operable commonalities? i would be hard-pressed to spell "philosophical." >> there give-and-take proved as natural as the idea they have both become coaches. sunday night, one will suffer a loss in there will be no hard feelings. >> on sunday, the possibility to take away a dream of his to the fill your own, is that hard? >> no. not at all. i suspect he feels the same way. the brothers will be army side line. that will be the band of brothers on the sideline. >> he has earned some much credit for mauled and his boys into a world class coaches, but do not forget the mother -- credit for holding his boys. >> can you think of one or two things you have learned from your mother that you applied in your coaching career? [laughter] >> she made it very clear that we were to have each other's back no matter what. >> indeed,
. >> she has. john kerry has big shoes to fill. but i don't think shoes are the right world. the president of the foreign relations community said it. >> i would say that john kerry has some fire lee large manola manola baloniks to fills. >> that was very good. >> the no m -- how tall would be he if he was in a pair of manola baloniks. >> he was a monster. >> i don't think he would walk in them like hillary condition. >> i think they are a brand of shoes. i had no idea. >> i thought i was the only stupid one out there. i didn't know what they were talking about. >> i did know that. i did know that. >> of course. >> of course. i had no idea. only at 6:00 a.m. in the morning can you have a conversation with malona baloniks. >> tina turner -- they were famous before tina, but it's known that tina dances in manola balonisk. >> i thought she was talking -- he was talking about the glasses. she has the anti-concussion glasses. >> they are very expensive shoes. >> $3,000 a pop. >> i know this because i used to watch sex and the city. >> the fac
about that coming up in a few minutes. >> we'll take that, john. well, mother nature wants to make sure we don't forget what season we're in. news reporter george is telling us how people are coping. >> the snow couldn't have come at a worse time. the flakes started falling with force around the time people were trying to get home. >> some of the drivers were driving like they were speeding and cutting in frobt of other people and just idiots. >> accidents across the region slowed life down for others, but the pavement held up well. state highway administration officials say their 1,800 salt trucks and plow trucks helped keep the area free from treacherous conditions in the baltimore region. but as the highways remained clear many neighborhood roads and sidewalks were snow-covered and slippery like the intersection in baltimore's wyman park. >> it's bad. you can see the car going up there now which. off green light and you can come right on through hear. >> and don't forget that you can get the forecast and track weather in real time new use our android and iphone a.p. that comes with w
from hagel's one-time friend and ally senator john mccain over hagel's opposition to the iraq troop surge. >> will you please answer the question, were you correct or incorrect when you said that the surge would be the most dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country since vietnam. were you correct or incorrect? yes or no? >> my reference to the -- >> are you going to answer the question, senator hagel? the question is were you right or wrong? that's a pretty straightforward question. i would like to answer whether you were right or wrong and then you are free to elaborate. >> well, i'm not going to give you a yes or no answer. >> well it will show you refuse to answer this question. >> with us is host of "face the nation" and washington correspondent bob schieffer. the white house normally prep their nominees. what does this say about it? >> to me this is the most interesting and intreeging inginintriguing part of this whole deal. onormally the administration rushes out with the defense. he hardly left capitol hill yesterday when reports leaked out of the whi
. >> closing arguments are expected today in the trial of john leopold. we are work for you on how soon we could -- working for you on how soon we could hear a verdict. >> doctors at johns hopkins push the limits of medicine and give a american hero a chance at a normal life. >> and we sent them away in charm city style and today the ravens sit down with reporters. we have a wild ride which is superbowl 47 i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. we had a wild weather day yesterday but now it look like we can breath a sigh of relief as we head out the door. i hope that's the case right lynette? >> that's the case. what we are going to be dealing with is the fog. we have patchy fog to contend with this morning. other than that, it's going to be nice and quiet. the calm wf the storm -- before the storm rolls in by tomorrow. the radar is different than yesterday and much calmer as we look at what's happening with temperatures right now. we are much warmer than this time yesterday. we are talking about the 40s in owings mills right now. this should be the high temperature for this time of
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it is investigating all of the allegations and we'll get more on the story from john zarrella. >> reporter: the anti-age clinic was called bay owe genesis, it was run out of this office building in coral gables until about two weeks ago when it shut down. now it's in yet another saga. a report published in the miami new times says this clinic was a pipeline to peds for several players. >> it's clear that bio genesis like a lot of anti-aging clinics was selling a lot of hdh, a number of other drugs that are widely banned in sports. testosterone, anti-by on the lick steroids. the records we've seen indicate that as for the average population, he was providing the same kind of drugs to professional athletes. >> reporter: according to major league baseball, players named in the article have already been disciplined under the league's joint drug program. in a statement major league baseball said, quote, we're in the midst of an active investigation and are gathering and reviewing information. we will refrain from any further comment until this process is complete, end quote. representatives of new york y
. a third person in the home refused treatment. meteorologist john collins says it is certainly did time of year for that. >> boilers and that in demand. we have more wintry weather than we have been dealing with recently. some light snowfall amounts tangling things up traffic-wise thursday and friday. now we have another storm developing. midnight last night, a winter mex around chicago, milwaukee, wisconsin. here's how that storm is advancing on us. all day today it comes in. brazil is able more and it is into ohio now. it is still a winter remix going up towards detroit. is going to come in with temperatures later tonight and tomorrow morning before freeze bridging below freezing. the moisture comes in and will be partially as rain, partially freezing rain, sleet, snow, or any combination. the advisories are out and we will tell you more about it in a few minutes. >> one week out from the super bowl. the ravens broadcast team touching down in the big easy earlier today. while meltzer joins us live with a behind-the-scenes look. that's a good gig you've got there. >> i certainly pick t
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>>> within the last hour a judge handed down a guilty ruling in the case of john leopold. he found leopold not guilty of the most serious charge of fraud. judge sweeney gave his verdict based on seven days of testimony. jurors heard from multiple law enforcement officers as the state tried to show the gritty details of barnes' death. >> police found 29 guns in a car that crashed into a parked car. the police were working with the atf, following the car after a tip it burglarize a gun store. of the 29 guns found, one was loaded. both men were take ton shock trauma with non-life-threatening injuries. >> the weather story has been heat. widespread sunshine jacking temperatures up into the mid-60s in bel air, mid-60s in columbia. mt. airy very warm. almost 70 in mardela springs. the breeze off the chesapeake, that kept you cooler than the rest of the state. the numbers are very, very warm. look at points south of us well into the 70s in roanoke and richmond. we'll stay in the warm air flow. parts of maryland likely pushing 70 tomorrow, but we'll be cloudier and rain by tomorrow night.
, the executive is found guilty and convicted of a crime in vote having malfeasance in office. john leopold has been found guilty of two counts of misconduct in office and the county council will have an emergency session tomorrow to declare a vacancy in his office. >> thank you for all your reporting on this issue. the baltimore ravens in new orleans ahead of super bowl 47. today at the superdome, it was packed with photographers, reporters, and fans to hear from players and coaches. and some of the talks centered around religion and his alleged use of a banned substance. we are joined live from the superdome. this is a big story for the media. is this a distraction for the team right now? >> no, he has gone through this before, 12 years ago on the heels of the trial atlanta. for ray lewis, this is experienced territory, stepping into the national spotlight and getting hit from all angles. today, sports illustrated claiming there is a link between ray lewis and a substance similar to hgh. swats is a company whose owner is on -- take a call between him talking about a banned substance. ray lewi
-- 27, kind of chilly. >> johns hopkins university is celebrating a major donation from michael blumberg. the school announced today that the mayor is giving them $350 million. most of the money will support faculty research and teaching. the rest of financial aid for undergraduates. bloomberg has given more than $1 billion to the inner-city where he graduated in 1964. >> and now your 11 insta- weather-plus forecast with john collins. >> quick check of the radar. again, some flurries west of town, along the potomac river. up into pennsylvania coming off the great lakes. earlier, it was the weather impulse that was producing the snow showers, primarily from baltimore westward. now this appears to be related to remnants of a lake effect, or a hybrid. it is not as no accumulator. 34 was the high. temperatures still below the average. a little warmer than it has been. the morning low yesterday was 20. tomorrow morning will be colder than that. overall trend -- here is the normal high. 42 to 41 degrees. we have been below that mark. next week we are going to take a boost on temperatures. leas
evening. >> just one day out from the super bowl. we have live team coverage from new orleans. >> john collins is here with a quick check on the forecast. >> just a dustup today. most of the roads were wet driving in. that does not mean the dusting will not produce slippery conditions. be aware of that. there are a couple of impulses tonight. we may get some tomorrow. most of these are expected to be very light snow. nothing substantial, no major storms. next week is a different story. we do show a warming trend. to get to that, we have to go through more of these impulses. i will have the forecast in a minute. >> just a little over 24 hours and the ravens will take the field in their biggest gain in 12 years. >> we have live coverage from new orleans. the ravens broadcasting is covering it from every angle. let's turn it over. we are hearing some big names from baltimore are in town. >> big names are in town. a big name is in the hall of fame. the ravens have their first victory of the weekend. jonathan ogden moments ago was elected into the nfl hall of fame. he becomes the first rave
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he has a speedy recovery. the anne arundel council tonight is considering removing john leopold from office. he was found guilty on two counts of misconduct yesterday, but was acquitted of two other misconduct charges chief administrative officer john a man has been named acting county executive. >> daniel hermine wright was convicted yesterday for the shooting death of patricia and cook last february. he said that he acted in self- defense. last night, court officials found two dictionaries in the jury room, a violation of the judge's instructions. >> a 70-year-old gunman is on the run, suspected of a shooting in an arizona apartment complex that left one person dead and two people hurt. he walked into fusion contract centers and shot and killed steve singer. singer was the company's ceo. the other two victims had yet to be identified. they are in their 40's and are in critical condition. former arizona congressman gabrielle giffords spoke out today. she began saying that too many children are dying. >> you must act. the bold. the courageous. americans are counting on you. >> this i
when he resigned. >> the indictment wasn't enough, but it seems the guilty verdict is. john leopold had pressure to resign in march. on tuesday he was found guilty on two counts of misconduct in offers. three days later he resigned. >> this county has been humiliated for so long, and we need a fresh start. >>reporter: a spokesperson for the former county executive said he had someone else deliver his resignation letter on friday afternoon. we have a copy that says he acknowledges the serious errors in judgment and that it was a compelling and humbling experience to sit through the trial, but stopped short of an apology. >> why don't you say you're sorry and admit your mistakes. >>reporter: joan harris has her own road to travel with a civil lawsuit against him claiming retaliation. members of the county council are ready to move on, but at least one can look at the good in leopold. >> john leopold during his time when we had a very difficult fiscal time served the county in that situation very well. >>reporter: he did support a bill that was to get him out of office before he resigned.
's told the u.s. ambassador to turkey how much she values the team's service. the senate approved john kerry to take over her job earlier this week. >>> the dow closed over 14,000 today, the first time since want 7, all that despite the new un-- 2007, all that despite the new unemployment numbers which inched up a bit to 7.9%. one economist says it does make a psychological difference for smaller investors. >>> this morning's snow quickly giving way to sunshine and a whole lot of wind. topper shuttoins us now from the weather center. what's the rest of the night shaping up like? will this wind calm down? you better bundle up. the winds are going to diawara down, but the bad news -- to to die down. we're looking at temperatures downtown, 25. the high was 36 today, temps have done nothing but fall. dew point is 1 which means your indoor relative humidity 6 or 7%. look at the temps, 21 in rockville, 22 bethesda, arlington, 27 in springfield, 24 in college park. factor in the winds we've got single digit wind chill, feels like 7 in gaithersburg, 9 in frederick and 15 in manassas. the next
's been found guilty of misconduct, john leopold could lose his job as county executive. a judge found the an aurn anne arundal -- an anne arundal county executive guilty. the judge also cited misconduct for making his secretary and other members of his police de detail empty his catheter bag. the judge called it simply outrageous. while lawmakers say justice was served today, leopold had no comment today. >> he aboouz bused his pow -- abused his power and trooied to use an anne arundal county employees to do that so he was extremely cheap too. >> the it has been our position from the outset that the conduct complained of here represented poor judgment as opposed to criminal conduct. >> tomorrow there will be a request to introduce a bill to have him removed from office. council members will vote on monday. if five of seven vote in favor, he will be removed. > . >> how warm did we get today? warmer than anticipated. a lotof sunshine allowed the state to get into the low to upper 60s. annapolis you were the cool spot. tonight we're in the 50s and i don't see us falling but maybe int
are under water. . >> he's still getting paid but for how long. we'll explain the process of removing john leopold for the county executive office. >> it was excruciating pain. >> you've heard of it but do you really know what shingles is? . >> and helping out as we celebrate our purple flight. abc2 news starts now. >> we begin with what is happening outside. right now,look at this, this it was scene tonight. people all over trying to dodge rain and hold on to up l brel las. let's check in with meteorologist mike. >> i am optimistic that we'll get the heaviest of f is this rain to the east. we do have flash flooding north and west of town. it's i-70 throughout the whole city. we've been talking about rain fall from one to two inches accumulated and causing floosh flooding. we do have a-alerts in in effect north and west of the city and now the city is included. this goesinto effect through 4:30 in the morning. we have had reports of stranded motorists having to be rescued. we think another one niche of additional rain could fall from this storm. we turnwindy through to -- through the
in championship season. in just a moment john hardball will leave his players up to the stage. then he will leave them on to new orleans. and to face his brother, jim, and the san francisco forty- niners. this, by the way is not kane and abel. those were brothers that did not know how to get along. if you want to know, he has no allegiance to the forty-niners, but jim knows how special the baltimore ravens are because he played for the ravens. >> by the way, we talk about really was, did you know the first sack he ever had in his life was -- to was that guy? >> jim. >> hopefully he will get another one on the sidelines this week. >> but not on gym. >> -- jim. >> no accidents. no accident the ravens have made it to the super bowl. he was when to go on at last ride. he said at that moment that room was more than 50 men all united in the knowledge that they were going to the super bowl. that is where they're going at the end of the send off. they're going to the super bowl. for the second time in franchise history, there are many nfl teams who have never even gone to the super bowl. the ravens and t
but thanks to doctors at johns hopkins he has arms again and if you are wondering how that is possible, linda so is live with more on how doctors performed this really amazing but complex transplant. linda. >> reporter: it's so complex. it took 13 hours. this is the first time that hopkins has performed a double arm transplant and later this morning, we will get to meet the soldier and the surgeon behind it all. a news conference is scheduled for 11 this morning. this is video from before the transplant. brendan marrocco is the first sold year to survive after losing all four limbs in the iraq war. he was injured by a roadside bomb in 2009. he underwent the complex transplant last month. it involves connecting bones, blood vessels and muscles and nerves and skin on both arms. the surgery involved an innovative treatment that used the dead donor's bone marrow cells to help prevent his body from rejecting the new limbs. the 13 hour operation was led by dr. andrew lee, the plastic surgery chief here at hopkins. marrocco is one of seven u.s. soldiers to received a successful double arm transplant
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